Self-Defense For Every Woman

Personal safety is about circumstance and choices. While you can’t always control the circumstance, you certainly can control the choices. All you need is to learn a complete personal protection strategy and embed it into your lifestyle for it to become a habit.

Knowledge is power. If you know where and how to strike when you need to defend yourself, you will have more confidence. The following will help you come up with a personal protection strategy of your own and pull out of any threatening situation.

  • Stay aware and be prepared – Pay attention to your surroundings all the time but not a paranoid fear. Just practice healthy awareness. Do remember that criminals pick out their victims and they usually choose someone who is distracted, has a weak posture, has visible valuables, and does not make eye contact.


Being a victim of a crime is never your fault but you can reduce your risk. You need to always stay engaged and vigilant. You should practice what if scenarios. Look around and plan ahead on what to do if someone were following you. Ensure that you are equipped to do your plans.


Keep your cellphone ready without texting or talking on it. Carry a purse with a body strap to keep your hands free, know where your keys before you get to your vehicle, and keep a pair of flats in your purse so you don’t force to run in heels.


  • Befriend security – One of the best but also most overlooked self-defense strategies is to stay close to people who are paid to protect you, such as police officers, security guards, and bouncers. When you arrive somewhere, establish rapport by engaging them with a simple greeting and a smile.

Even a small interaction with these people help them remember you and they will be more likely to keep an eye out for you. When you are in a bar, don’t leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from someone you don’t know.


  • Buddy system – Your friends can help in keeping you safe. When you speak, it is wise to face each other to double your field of vision. Also, ensure your friend knows your schedule before you go out so they know when to expect you and when to worry if you don’t show.

  • Be decisive and in control – Project energy, strength, and confidence. These are important not only in a potential self-defense protection, but in life. You need to have already decided what you are going to do if something happens. Go back to your what if plan and act as fast as possible and decisively. Always do keep in mind that most criminals look for easy victims and avoid those with direct stare, calm demeanor, and confident posture.

  • Run away – If at all possible, avoid confrontation. Get out of a bad situation before it turns to a fight. Trust your instincts. If you feel something is not right, trust that feeling. Don’t ignore warning signs. Don’t hesitate, just get out there even if you look mean or rude or dumb.